Who’s managed to survive a whole week of darker evenings now we’re officially in UK winter time?

(Apologies to non UK readers, but this article is all still applicable to you too.)

I don’t know about you, but I really react to sunlight, and I’m my most productive and switched on from sunrise to just after lunchtime…. And then my body gets a bit lazy.

If you’ve ever taken evening classes with me, you’ll notice I regularly start to confuse body parts and say even weirder things than normal, as my brain really can’t function without daylight.

Anyway, enough about me.

How are YOU doing?

I’ve been posting on the socials a lot recently about the importance of learning to slow down when our bodies and brains need a rest, and last week we looked at the basic benefits of starting a Yoga practicewhich might feel even more applicable as we move towards a possibly uncertain festive period.

Today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite mini classes from my Youtube channel that might just help to encourage some rest and relaxation, and calm any anxiety or stress you’re feeling right now.

Remember, that not all stress stems from negative situations. Our bodies can hold on to excited stress from moving house, being really busy in your business/job, socialising more than usual, or planning for events in the future.

Even when you’re having a GREAT time, it’s important to let your body slow the eff down :)

Each of these videos are less than 20 minutes, so NO EXCUSES for not making time for yourself, right?

First up…. Stress can manifest physically as shoulder, chest and neck tension or discomfort. So here’s a 15 minute class to help alleviate all of that jazz:

Think you need to meditate for hours on end to clear a busy mind? Try this movement meditation instead:

If all of that seems just a little bit too energetic, grab yourself some cushions and enjoy this relaxing class instead:

If all else fails, lie on the ground and PRETEND to do some Yoga :) Being still can actually feel REALLY uncomfortable if your mind is busy, so I’ve recorded a guided Savasana to help you to find focus...

Let me know how you get on with those, and keep your eyes peeled for new videos I’ll be uploading to help you feel better through the winter months.

(Spoiler - lots of laying down and meditation type stuff).

Have a great week,