What do you think is most beneficial?...

A ten minute Yoga practice or a full hour’s practice?

Well, let’s weigh it up here….

A ten minute practice is time effective, it will be easier for you to develop a regular practice ‘habit’ this way, and you’ll feel pretty good afterwards.

An hour’s practice will allow you to move a little deeper inwards, you might have a bit more time to try something new, and you’ll feel pretty good afterwards.

I think you can see, both have their benefits, and both will leave you feeling good.

So, let’s focus more on QUALITY over QUANTITY.

A quality, 10 minute practice at home, where you really listen to your body and tune into yourself is going to be much more beneficial than a 30 minute erratic practice where you’re only tuned in to your ego and focussed on getting your head into your bum.

A 90 minute, Youtube lead class might make you sweat and feel chilled, but you’ll probably feel more benefits in joining a 60 minute studio class where the teacher can actually guide YOU and what your body needs for safety (and let’s not forget about how good Savasana feels in a studio session).

When you first discover this Yoga thing, it’s amazing to think that one day you’ll be disciplined enough to practice for an hour every morning, and become all zen and shit.

8 years in, and I’m still working on that myself….

To be honest, it’s friggin’ HARD to make time for a full, 60 minute Yoga practice every day.

Especially if you have a family, a job, friends, like to work out, like to sleep etc etc.


QUALITY Yoga practice is the key – Mix it up!

- Practice with a teacher who will help you with alignment and postures.
- Have a 10 minute practice at home in the morning or before bed.
- Follow your favourite Youtube teacher.

How long you practice for is NOT important.

The quality of your practice is what’s guna help you feel amazing.

Where is your practice “at” right now?

Are you practicing with Youtube tutorials, have you gone back to a studio, or are you still trying to muster the courage to go to your first class?

Reach out – I’d love to hear from you!