So, I over the weekend, I received this comment from someone unsubscribing from receiving my emails....

“Nice emails, but Yoga just isn’t for me.”

I don’t mind at ALL when people unsubscribe from receiving my freebies (although I do find it but strange when they report abuse - WTF?!).

This is because I only want the information I share to really help those who are reading it.

Like you, right now :)

And if you’ve been reading my blogs, watching my free Yoga flows, listening to the meditations, and generally just peeking-in from afar....

It’s ok if you’re not quite ready yet to start your Yoga practice, or if you feel like to want to unsubscribe too.

It’s probably annoying to have someone reminding you every week that’s it’s ok to take better care of yourself if you’re not ready to do it.

BUT I promise you...

Yoga IS for you.

You might not like the way I speak, teach, or talk about Yoga, and maybe I’m not the right teacher for you.


Yoga IS for you. It’s for everyone.

You don’t have to be skinny, bendy, calm, zen, free from anxiety, look good in Yoga pants or even feel like you’re a particularly nice person :)

But some aspect of Yoga WILL change your life.

I promise you.

Did you see my Instagram post last week, about my lovely members showing up for themselves every single week?

(I called them weirdos, but I love them anyway)

I know a lot of them had reservations about starting a Yoga practice too.

(And now I can’t get rid of them - LOL)

You can check out what some of them have to say HERE

Are you ready to start your practice but not quite sure HOW?

Reach out for a chat and I’ll help you find the right way to start for you.

Have great week!