How many times have you heard it?

“Yoga isn’t exercise”

Now, there are many forms of a physical Yoga practice, and YES some asanas are more yin than yang (all those lovely stretchy, laying-down postures), BUT if you’ve ever joined me for a Vinyasa flow class, you‘ll definitely “feel the heat”(aka sweat dripping).

And if you’re not sweating or strengthening muscles, you’re sure as hell exercising your mind as you train yourself to meditate.

Here’s where the confusion may lie....

Yoga is NOT a workout.

Even when you’re sweating your ta-ta’s off, and it feels like your butt muscles might explode....

Yoga is a work-IN.

The process of drawing inwards, and focusing on the present moment (ta-ta sweat and all).

NOT switching off from how you feel.

NOT using movement as distraction.

NOT listening to your ego and challenging yourself to be better or achieve.

Actually, most people will find that their physical Yoga practice becomes stronger or more comfortable when they stop trying so hard to progress.

At the end of a class, I often invite my students to “let go of any achievement” they felt they made.

Just to make sure we remember that achievements are NOT important in the practice of Yoga.

The PRACTICE is the important bit.

Just giving it a go.

Sometimes your body follows what you want it to do, but more often than not it will do whatever the bloody hell it wants.

And that’s fine.

It’s not a workout.

You’re not training for anything.

You don’t have to be progressing.

It’s just a practice.