Thinking of joining a Yoga class soon? Maybe you’ve been attending local classes for a while, or you're thinking about branching out after a few months of virtual classes?

Either way, I’m sure we can ALL relate to the expectations we had for our first Yoga class or the expectations of Yoga that are still holding us back from signing up for our first practice.

If you’d have told me 6 years a go that I’d be teaching Yoga for a living, I would’ve told you you’re mental. I loved a good sweaty workout or dancing to stay fit, and I definitely didn’t think I had any inner peace. Sitting around chanting with a load of hippy bitches? No thanks.

And now I can’t get enough of the stuff.

The slow flows, the arms balances, the breathwork, the deep stretches.

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So, if you’re thinking of starting a class, whether IRL or online, but your expectations of crazy hippies burning incense, sitting in the splits are holding you back…..

Read on and enjoy :)


You expect super fit, bendy, Instagram lookin’ folk.


You see a room full of different looking people, (many who look the same as you), all trying their best at their own variation of the poses, whilst also simultaneously trying not to fart.

(luckily all classes are online right now, so you can comfortably make up your own variation of the pose while you’re farting away, and nobody’s the wiser).


You’ll be the worst one in the room.


There is NO such thing as being good at Yoga.


You need to invest in a fancy mat, leggings and bag to ‘look the part’.


You can come to your class in your pjs, knickers, leggings with holes or trackies with suspicious stains. Nobody will give a shit how you look. Don’t bother brushing your hair if you don’t want to. Your teacher will lend you a mat if you don’t have one.


Everyone will be a bit….. Hippy. And spiritual. And ‘Zen’. And you’re not sure you’d fit in.


This is the UK in 2020. Many teachers may have trained in the East, but are well and truly adapted to the Western world. We’re able to balance Yoga and meditation with regular G&T’s and having a good swear when necessary. That’s the great thing about Yoga – It makes you more adaptable to change.


You’re not flexible enough. You’ll look stupid.


The pose is NOT the Yoga. And besides, learning to have a flexible mind is much more important than a flexible body. It will all come in it’s own time, and there is ALWAYS a modification/variation of the pose so that you WILL be able to do it.

So, you see?....

Expectation is a biatch and killer of (Yoga) dreams.

If you’re still unconvinced that it’s for you, NOW is a great time to figure out how to move your body, and the names of some of the poses from the comfort of your own home, following along with live, virtual classes, or Youtube tutorials.

(Plus, you can do it in your knickers with the patio doors open – Bonus.)

Oh and BTW….. Yoga encourages you to live without expectations…..

See you in class?