> Is your body crying out for a bit of rest and recuperation?

> Are you short on time, and really wanting to feel a positive change in your life?

> Could your mind benefit from some stillness and "me time" right now?

> Are you not keen on joining a studio full of Yogis, but interested to find out what all the fuss is about?

...Your Brand New Self-Care Routine Starts HERE!

If you're thinking, "hell yeah that's me", then I want to invite you to join me in my virtual Yoga studio, for TWO Yoga classes every week.... Starting TODAY!

" I started doing Leah’s online classes at the beginning of Lockdown when ‘real-life’ classes stopped, and they have been a Godsend!  They’ve kept me flexible, (mostly) sane and entertained - They've been hugely therapeutic.  It’s been brilliant being able to catch up whenever I have the time, and the mix of shorter half-hour sessions along with the longer ones makes it easier to fit a session in (as there’s really no excuse!). 

I really enjoy Leah’s teaching as she is very thorough and explains all the postures fully, and always has alternatives should postures be a little more difficult.  The extra Asana breakdowns are very useful too.  I look forward to re-joining ‘real life’ classes, but love having the online classes as an option and will keep up my membership for as long as they’re available (hopefully forever!). "

— Michelle. D

Bored of Generic Youtube Classes?....

Your Virtual Studio, Monthly Membership Includes Access to:

The Private Facebook Community Group

You'll connect with an amazing virtual community of busy, supportive, like-minded women!

Two All-Abilities, Virtual Yoga Classes Every Week

Join us live or when it best suits you to catch up. Classes are streamed live at 5.15pm on Monday 'Slow, Stretchy Flow, and 9.15am on Wednesday.

Two Posture/Movement Tutorials Each Month

Not sure of a particular pose or movement? You'll be able to watch detailed tutorials of two poses every single month.

A Library of Over 50 Classes!

You can access every class and tutorial ever streamed into the membership community, and catch-up or repeat classes whenever you want.

>> Sign Up Here for Immediate Access <<

>> PLUS - You'll also receive an exclusive

20% discount code to use on all virtual events! <<

"I found Leah online around lockdown. My yoga classes had ceased, and Leah’s online community was just what I needed to keep me sane! Having a knowledge of poses isn’t necessary as Leah provides detailed breakdowns of poses all while demonstrating her Yoga flow – amazing as I only just about manage to keep breathing at times!

An inspiringly, fun teacher who just makes her classes enjoyable and yet you learn so much!"

— Sue C.

So, How Does it Work?...

- You sign up via the button to begin your reoccurring subscription for £35.99 a month.

- Upon finalising your first payment, click back to be redirected to the private Facebook Community Group.

- You’ll remain part of the community until you cancel your subscription. (Payments will automatically be charged monthly from the date you subscribe).

- You can cancel your subscription at any time via your Paypal account. (Your membership to the community will end the same day).

So, for less that £4.50 per class, you can access your classes and community wherever, whenever and as many times as you want throughout the month – WINNER!

YES! Sign Me UP for that Please!!!

"I discovered Yoga Flow with Leah via a positive review from a friend on Facebook. I first started doing online classes with Leah by attending individual classes, but given the ongoing Covid 19 crisis, Leah then had the vision to start an online package of classes, lasting over an hour a week. This was incredibly helpful for me as I have been working from home. It has also been helpful to be able to attend the classes at a later date because they are all recorded

Leah is really patient with newcomers to yoga. Within the confines of teaching online, she does a really good job of explaining all of the positions and also gives easier versions for those of us who are newer to it! She has an extremely friendly nature which encourages you to enjoy Yoga whilst you are still learning."

— Louise H.

Obviously, this community is NOT for you if you rarely suffer from stress, anxiety, or general aches and pains.


If you feel like a regular, accessible, schedule-friendly Yoga practice, with the support of an online community could be just the step you need to take towards better self-care...

I'll see ya on the mat!

Ok, I'm in - Sign me up!