I get it you’re a busy bee.

Your ‘life stuff’ can easily start to become an endless to do list, and fitting in time for exercise or a Yoga practice might seem impossible some weeks.

I know there are definitely days when it’s much more appealing to sit of the sofa with a large glass of wine at 5pm, rather than roll out your Yoga mat.

(Obviously I’m speaking from experience here).

Remember last week’s email, when I brought to your attention that feeling guilty for doing too much or not enough things for yourself is something we all find challenging?

Well, scheduling 5-10 minutes a day for a self Yoga practice is a way to combat both.

10 minutes of ‘me time’ is absolutely nothing to feel guilty about, and you’ll also avoid the guilt of feeling like you haven’t done something to make yourself feel better.

It’s a win, win if you ask me?

Here are some tips to creating a Yoga habit in only 10 minutes a day….

  • Let go of the thought that Yoga ONLY counts if it’s a 60 or 90 minute sweaty practice. Who the hell has time for that? Certainly not me….. Your Yoga for the day can be a few minutes journalling, sitting in silence, gently moving your body on the ground, or following a breath work tutorial.

Try this one:

  • Try all of these different practices, and see which one sits best with you. We all prefer to repeat something we actually enjoy, right? So if lots of movement isn’t really your thing, maybe a guided meditation and journalling will improve your mental health and make you want to create a habit.

  • Get used to scheduling it into your daily routine. If you can find half an hour to walk the dog, watch Netflix, scroll Instagram, or pour that large glass of wine that you so very much deserve…. You can find 10 minutes in your day for Yoga (maybe BEFORE the wine is best though). Figure out the best time of day for you, and start working it into your day on a regular basis.

  • Let go of any expectations you have towards your practice. Ever started a diet/exercise routine and not seen the results you expected within a month and jacked it in? If you start your Yoga practice without any expectations, You’ll have no sense of failure or disappointment, and feel more encouraged to continue. 

  • If you’re really finding it a challenge to get yourself into a routine, reach out to a Yoga teacher and book a class! Most of us run shorter classes to make sure Yoga is accessible for everyone, and I don’t know about you, but I’m much more likely to show up on my mat if I’ve booked and paid in advance!

Let me know if you’ve found it easy to start a Yoga practice from home, or if you’re still finding it challenging to get yourself into a routine.

Take care and stay safe,