I’ve been listening to and reading feedback recently.

Feedback from my Yoga students or people wanting to start their practice/try a class, and I noticed a reoccurring theme that I wanted to draw to your attention this week.

Because if you’re like me, and most of the Yoga chicks that I have in my community right now, then you might be feeling this way too, especially with round two of the pandemic shifting even more of our attention away from our social circles and onto ourselves.

My question is…..

Have you experienced Yoga guilt at all?

It might have manifested itself as feeling guilty for taking time to yourself when you know other ‘stuff’ needs to be done.

You might have felt guilty for joining (or wanting to join) an online class instead of spending time with your kids or family.

Holy crap, maybe you made your teenagers make their own lunch so you could squeeze in a half an hour class on your lunch break instead of running around after everyone else?!

The guilt might’ve then switched to feeling guilty for NOT practicing. For not moving your body, taking time to meditate, or spending time on strengthening your body to rectify aches and pains.

(Because you just KNOW how beneficial it is, or could be)

Have we gone completely mad when we feel guilty for wanting to do something to help ourselves feel better?

Amongst the utter madness of life right now (and if you’re in the UK, you might need to hear this more than most)….

>> You do not need permission from anyone to take time to look after yourself <<

Read that again.


Take action on it.

God dammit you work WAY too hard to think it’s not OK to tell anyone you live with to leave you alone for half an hour, light a candle, roll out your mat and get your Yoga practice into your day.

(This also combats the guilt of NOT doing it. Clever, right?)

Remember in last week’s blog I was talking a lot about stress and how it is SO important to slow down and allow our bodies to process  everything that’s happening?

Well THIS is how we start.

By setting aside a little bit of time a couple of times a week for YOU.

No compromises, no appointments scheduled, no disturbances.

This is YOUR time.

Your time to catch up on a class, follow a meditation, journal, or just sit in child’s pose until you feel a bit better.

It’s difficult, isn’t it? Putting yourself first.

Before my practice this morning I’d folded washing, put another load on, replied to some emails, called my other half because he’d left his bag for work, and THEN….. Then I reminded myself that this all could’ve waited until I felt my post-Yoga buzz.

The problem is, when we constantly put our own needs last, we forget how it felt when we used to put our needs first.

And we need to put ourselves first more regularly.

YOU need to put yourself first. Guilt free.

You’re important and so are your needs.

Be kind to yourself today.