Hand up if you had a go at some online Yoga during lockdown.

Now, as a teacher and fairly long term Yoga practitioner, for me, the energy you feel in a Yoga class IRL will never quite be replicated virtually, but…..

Well, isn’t it amazing that it’s become SO accessible now?

I love that I’m able to take virtual classes with teachers I’d never be able to access on a regular basis due to location/time etc.

During lockdown, I’d bluetooth my classes to my tv and pump the volume up so it felt pretty ‘real’, and I was a lot more likely to stay focused than if I had to squint and follow along on my phone.

As SO many people told me they found virtual classes really handy, I’ve kept them up even though I can teach in studios again (which is really handy seeing as class numbers are limited - Thanks Covid ), and my monthly membership crew are having a fab time in our virtual studio.

So, if you haven’t managed to try a virtual class yet, and you’re not sure it’s for you, I want to share some of the major advantages I’ve found to taking live, streamed classes:

1. I show up for myself. I can save my favourite YouTube classes, and remind myself to do them until I’m blue in the face, but to be honest, I’m pretty flaky with following Youtube teachers. However, if I’ve paid for a class, I’m damn well showing up.

2. Time! As much as I love a class in a cosy studio, I’m a busy gal, and at times I just don’t have the time to travel too and from a class. I do, however, have time to travel from my bed to my Yoga mat in my office :) 

3. Accessibility. I know it’s not applicable to all online teachers, but I allow my Yogis to catch up for a full 24 hours after class has begun. So, if something crops up or you’re feeling like your body needs a rest, you can catch up in your own time throughout the day.

4. Personality. The thing I get bored of with Youtube classes is that they either feel really generic, or if the teacher is quite quirky, I don’t want to hear the same jokes and quirks over and over again. No problem with virtual classes as the teacher is live, and there’s different chat and instruction every day.

(And if you take a virtual class with me, there’s plenty of me muttering to myself, laughing at my own jokes, losing my balance, and swearing a bit too often, so plenty of entertainment for you).

5. Privacy. I’m not guna lie guys, I often roll out my mat when I’m still in my pj bottoms or just in my undies before I’ve even thought about brushing my hair, and I KNOW some of my Yogis were doing the same throughout lockdown. You can’t do that at a Yoga studio, and I have fully appreciated the teachers who, like me, teach via Facebook so you don’t need to worry about turning your camera off on Zoom, and can just really enjoy completing your practice without caring how you or your poses look, or if anyone is watching you stick your bum in the air for downward dog.

Now, if the pointers above are making you think that this virtual Yoga thing might be alright, then I want to invite you to five days of FREE virtual classes with me.

(Yes, completely FREE)

My 'Feel Better in Five Days' challenge was such a hit, I've made it available to re-watch for anyone who missed it the first time around.


Sign up here:

Hope to "see" ya there!