Do you ever read Yoga articles and think it’s a load of mumbo jumbo?

Here’s a secret….. So do I!

Well, not like I think it’s all rubbish - I just don’t understand it and the way it’s written sometimes.

I’ve been practicing Yoga for about 8 years now, and here’s what I’ve discovered whilst learning all about Yoga…

At the risk of categorising myself in the ‘basic bitch’ division… I need it to be broken down into very, VERY simple terms for me.

(If you join me for a class, I promise to NEVER speak in Yoga mumbo-jumbo terms. I’ll always be straight with you).

If you’re like me, and you like things kept simple, short and to the point, I’ve outlined the top four benefits that I truly believe EVERYONE will find within a physical Yoga practice.

(And I swear there is not even a teeny hint of chakras or Yamas mentioned, BUT if you did want to read a bit more about chakras, I’ve broken that down into “normal” chat too, HERE)

- Benefit 1: Sleep

I am one grouchy mo fo if I don’t get a good night’s sleep, and since I’ve been practicing Yoga on the regular, I sleep like the sleepiest of babies. Who knew that deep breathing and stretching your body could help you sleep so soundly that you don’t even remember your own dreams?

If you struggle to fall asleep, or get a solid few hours, a little wiggle on your Yoga mat could be just what you need!

- Benefit 2: Mobility

Years of training as a dancer and personal trainer had left me with a quite a few injuries and uncomfortable aches and pains. 

One of the first things that new Yogis always notice is that the body starts to feel comfortable again, and personally, I find it odd to wake up without aches and pains after so many years of thinking that’s just something I had to accept.

It’s nice not to say “ooooooh” when you stand up and sit down, and for the aches in my hips and lower back to have completely disappeared.

Got tight joints, a stiff back or regular neck ache? Yoga is where it’s AT!

- Benefit 3: Mind

We’ve all got our shit going on, right? Here’s how Yoga can help you to NOT get over analytical of your choices in life…. 

When you learn to focus on the movement you’re doing, or breathing into your belly while you hold a stretch, you naturally become more present. Which means you get to stop focussing on all the crap that’s annoying you, and clear your mind, even just for a minute or so. 

When you start to do this regularly, it magically starts to spill out into your life too, and suddenly, you’ll give far less shits about things that used to bother you.

It’s really very nice :)

- Benefit 4: Strength

In a physical Yoga practice, we discover muscles we didn’t realise we had. I’ve been physically active my whole life, but I’ve NEVER felt as strong as I do through a Yoga practice. 

Activating all of the teeny little muscles that other movement and forms of exercise forget about, means that suddenly you feel taller, you can move more easily, your posture is better and you don’t hate the teacher every time she guides you into a plank.

(Well, maybe sometimes)

As a Yoga teacher, I do want you to become interested in all of the ‘other stuff’ too.

(Like chakras and yamas and energy and all that jazz).

BUT my first priority is helping you to feel better.

And who doesn’t want a better night’s sleep, less aches and pains, a clearer mind and to feel strong?

So that’s where I’ll begin your Yoga journey with me.

Helping you to feel better.

Fancy it?

Hop on to a class or workshop with me HERE

Looking forward to Yoga-ing with you soon,