Now if you’re a regular on your mat, you’ll probably know child’s pose as the perfect ‘resting pose’, but did you know it has plenty of other benefits other than taking a few seconds to catch your breath and rest your muscles?

Known in Sanskrit as “Balasana”, this wonderful little posture has really grounding, anxiety busting qualities too, so it’s basically the ideal posture to pair with 2020 :)

The kneeling, forward folding action of the posture will benefit your body by:

- Stretching your hips, ankles, glutes and thighs.

- Elongating your spine.

- Massaging your kidneys, stomach and intestines (ideal with the festivities approaching).

- Relaxing/stretching your shoulders.

I just mentioned the grounding, anxiety busting qualities too, right? Well, because your body is so close to the ground and your forehead completely connected to the ground, this sends a signal to your brain and body to relaaaaaaaax.

The thing I LOVE about child’s pose, is that it’s so adaptable, and we can find a version to suit absolutely every body.

How to find a comfy child’s pose:

- Start kneeling on a soft surface (add padding under your knees if they are tender)

- You can keep your knees/thighs together, or keep your big toes together and wiggle your knees out wide.

- Now move your upper body forwards so you either rest on your thighs or you belly drops between your thighs. (If your knees or hips are sore, you could place a rolled mat/blanket or cushion between your thigh and calf here).

- Your arms can stretch out in front of you to stretch your shoulders, or rest next to your legs to relax the shoulders.

- Rest your head down onto the ground, bring your hands under your head, or place a block/cushion under your head for extra support.

>> Now close down your eyes and stay there for as long as you need to
in order to feel pretty damn good. <<

You can focus on the rise and fall of your belly with your breath for added focus.

As a seasoned Yogi, I’d suggest a couple of minutes in child’s pose each day through the rest of December to combat festive munchies/stress/anxiety.

(and sneak in a cheeky nap)

Let me know how you get on and which version is your favourite!