If you ask anyone who’s been attending Yoga classes for a while, what their favourite part of the class is, I’m almost certain they’ll tell you it’s Savasana.

Or maybe, “The bit where we get to lie down at the end.”


“When we get to have a little sleep”.

Savasana, or “corpse pose” is your final posture in a Yoga practice.

You literally just lie still, arms at the side of your body, just like a corpse.

We practice Savasana for the body and mind to relax and to absorb the benefits of the practice.

Now, newbies to the practice can find this posture a bit odd. (“You mean, I have to just lie very still with my eye’s shut?!”)

I’ve had new students ask if they can leave before the relaxation because they don’t like it, think it’s boring or find it hard.

When I used to teach in gyms and studios, it would be quite normal to see people rolling their mat away and shuffling out of the room before Savasana.

If you live with an anxious mind, being still can be REALLY friggin’ hard.

You might not even see the NEED for rest after a class of stretching and breathing (and if you attend my Vinyasa classes – sweating your ta ta’s off).

BUT, as we established a few weeks back, Yoga is a work-in, NOT a work-out.

Some mind-blowing news for those of you fairly new to a Yoga practice is….. Stillness is where the magic happens.

Post-stretchy, breathing, sweaty-stuff stillness, is when we observe.

Observe what we need to address.

Observing an overly active mind continuously bringing you back to the same point.

Observing overwhelming feelings you didn’t realise you were holding.

Observing the fact that you’re really fucking tired and did a little snore (that’s ME all the time).

Without the distraction of movement and “stuff”, we figure shit out.

If you often skip Savasana, particularly if you’re joining me for online classes and think I can’t see you….

Oh I can.


If the observation part isn’t really sitting with you right now, just have a little nap mate :)

So, in order to help you get into the swing of Savasana, here's a guided version you might want to add to your home practice, or just when you need a bit of a chill to get re-grounded.

Dribbling/snoring optional.