Let's not get too preoccupied with using the term "Self-Care" to label ONLY exercise.

YES it's important to look after your body, but your 'health' in general also includes your energy and mind.

Exercise might make you believe it's reducing your stress/anxiety, but...

What if it's just covering it up? Making you forget for a bit. Distracting you, even?

Today I invite you to schedule some self-care that isn't movement.

A few minutes of stillness for you to check-in with your mind and energy levels, and ask yourself.... "Am I alright today?”

Non Exercise Self-Care Might Look Like:

> Fresh Air. Getting a nice, deep lung full of air is so underrated. You don’t even have to walk to feel the benefits of fresh air (and vitamin D if you’re lucky)

Sitting outside for 10 or 15 minutes will undoubtedly lift your energy and mood.

> Sitting Still. How often do we tell ourselves that the action of self-care is the ACTION? If you’re tired - REST! Sit, breathe, enjoy some silence.

> Writing. Feeling a bit rubbish for no reason? Grab a pen and free write for a few minutes. 

You’ll be surprised how clear your head can feel after writing down jumbled thoughts.

> Sleep. As kids, we sleep when we’re tired, no matter what time of day, so why as adults do we fight the urge to have a little snooze? 

Grab a nap or head to bed an hour earlier than usual. Embrace the zzzzzz’s!

Well, what do you think?

Which of the above are you most likely to choose as self-care today?