Not Flexible Enough for Yoga?

“I can’t do Yoga, I’m so un-bendy”.

“Oh I’m so stiff and rigid, I couldn’t do yoga with you”.

“Yoga?! Pah! I can’t even touch my toes”.

Blah, blah, blah!

First up...... SHOCK HORROR - Yoga isn’t just for flexible people.

YES it’s become popular allllll over social media for bendy, strong, waif-like blonde girls, contorting themselves into seemingly unachievable positions.

Which of COURSE would lead you to believe that you must fit a certain physical stereotype in order to be able to practice yoga asanas (postures).

(I’d like to take this opportunity to point out that I am neither blonde, or waif-like, and after 7 years of yoga practice, a lot of postures still seem impossible to achieve to me too. And yet here I am, teaching Yoga).

Think about this…

Yoga asanas (postures) are designed to MAKE you flexible, so it’s easier to sit on the ground, cross-legged for meditation.


You don’t have to have a flexible body to start Yoga (that’s what the physical practice is designed to help you with), you just need a body and the willingness to try.


An inflexible mind will hinder your body’s bending abilities.


Yes, I know.

And yep, I really am going to say…. “It’s all in your mind”.

Jeeeeeeez I am just such a hippy these days.

Lemme explain y’all: 

If you have thoroughly convinced yourself that you will never be flexible, and that there’s no way your body will bend the way you want it to, and bollocks to yoga and all that jazz…

Your brain has already closed off to even considering change too.

And therefore, so has your bod.

‘Yoga’ literally means – Union (of body and mind).

So if you’ve closed your mind off, you’ve screwed your body too, basically.

The GREAT news is – You can retrain your mind the same way you can retrain your body.



If you open your mind to the possibility that a little stretchy stretch will benefit you…

If you open your mind to letting go of some ego

If you open your mind to stepping onto a yoga mat and letting someone guide you through a little hippy flow….

Imagine the possibilities of what could happen when your mind reconnects with your body!

Believe me, when you start moving on Your yoga mat, your mind will stop thinking about how un bendy you are as you focus on your breath (and possibly trying to figure out what the eff the teacher is doing).

When you stop THINKNG about what you’re doing, and just let it happen….

Well, that’s when the magic happens, baby cakes.

That’s a thinker, isn’t it?

For now, stop worrying yourself about not being physically flexible enough to try Yoga, and start focussing on whether or not your mind is flexible enough to be open to change.

Peace, love and the ability to touch your toes,