So, you’ve started a home Yoga practice?


Saved your fave videos on Youtube.

Bought a class pass with your favourite online teacher.

Got the mat, blocks and bolster.

Set aside an hour a day to flow and meditate yourself into oblivion.

And then….

5 days into your new Yoga lifestyle – You just don’t really feel like it.

Sound familiar?

Ever shoehorned yourself into your leggings, sat on your mat and then though… “Fuck it”, and had coffee and biscuits instead?

(I’ve been there many a time myself)

Setting the intention to Yoga yourself into a zen-like state every day is amazing, however – Not always achievable.

Here are my…

Top 3 Tips on Maintaining a Regular Yoga Practice:


Be realistic – Nobody likes an overachiever :)

When you’re pretty new to ANYTHING, it’s quite a bold statement to say you’re going to do it EVERY day. Things are tricky right now, and if you’re working from home or you’ve got a house full with everyone doing their own thing, it’s not surprising that taking a full hour to yourself feels impossible. 

Learn to make Yoga work alongside your current lifestyle so it feels as though it IS your lifestyle. Feeling like you HAVE to do it because you bought a class pass/£80 leggings/a brand new mat is going to make the whole process quite unenjoyable.

Cut yourself some slack for not suddenly feeling all Zen and shit just because you’ve decided you’re a Yogi.

I’m still working on finding Zen everyday, and I teach the practice FFS.


Listen to your body. I cannot stress this enough. Listening to your body and what it needs IS the Yoga. Feeling  anxious AF and then flowing through a Power Vinyasa flow is NOT going to help you in the long run if it would be more beneficial on anxious days to take a 5 minute child’s pose.

Similarly, ‘making’ yourself get on the mat when you’re not feeling well, just because you feel you should, isn’t going to help with creating a healthy and sustainable approach to your practice. It will become quite the Yoga turn-off really, and you’ll soon get bored of it.

Mix it up by trying different classes and styles when you’re in different moods, so you start to learn a bit more about YOU.


Make it work for you – When I worked in the fitness industry a few years back, I used a LOT of phrases to suggest that an hour of exercise is achievable, and that we either choose to be fit and productive or not.

Now I live in the real world and manage a couple of businesses on top of doing my best to take care of my health AND have a social life, I realise that my past beliefs are, quite honestly utter shit.

You do NOT have to spend 60 or 90 minutes a day sweating on your mat to be a Yogi.

Five minutes of meditation or pranayama (breath work), or 10 minutes of gentle, mindful stretching IS ENOUGH. If 5 or 10 minutes is all you have to spare – It’s enough.

The 30 and 60 minute classes we get to enjoy sometimes are a BONUS, but pretty pointless if rushing around to squish them into your day and not taking the work from your practice into the rest of your life.

Yes, a half an hour’s run/weightlifting/Yoga first thing in the morning is GREAT for you, but so is a cuppa in bed sometimes.

Make it work for YOU.

Above all – Enjoy it!

Don’t fret about having a day, week, month that you don’t feel like getting on your mat, because that happens to ALL OF US (yeah, even the teachers).

Go with the (Yoga) flow.