Happy December everyone!

I know it might feel like we blinked and the year missed this year, but we are officially in the final month of 2020 already.

Now, I know the festive season might be looking very different for most, and while some of us (ME), might actually be looking forward to a quieter Christmas as home, I’m sure there are some festive factors that we won’t be missing out on:

  • Drinking lots
  • Eating more indulgent food
  • Feeling a bit cooped up in the house
  • Wondering what 2021 will be like?

(Tbf, the above four points kinda summarise the whole of this year for me, but anyway…)

So, this year, even more than most, you might find you can rely on a little Yoga practice to save you from feeling overwhelmed, over-stuffed and over-analytical.

How can Yoga help you to enjoy your festivities a bit more?

>> Check this out:

  • Improves digestion. I have no shame in admitting that I eat my mince pies in pairs, and if you also find that you’re nibbling more often this month, then your digestive system might start to feel a little ‘off’.

Well, you’re in luck! Because certain Yoga postured really help to keep your digestive system feeling nice and healthy, allowing you to avoid the bloated, ‘more stuffed than a turkey' feeling.

The good news is….. I’ll be running my annual “Metabolic Reboot” January workshop online this year, so I’m not limited to how many Yogis I can guide through the 90 minute digestion and metabolism boosting flow. Details coming soon….

Until then, try this gentle flow from last year to keep your insides happy:

  • Shhhhhhh…. It keeps your mind quiet. If you’re likely to be thinking about what could’ve been happening on Christmas day, what you’d usually be doing this month, or what the hell 2021 has in store…. Then a little meditation will help you to keep your mind quiet.

Whenever the nagging voice in your head pipes up, a grounding meditation, short movement meditation on your mat, or a quick scribble in your journal could really help!

Try this:

  • Let shit go. Yes, I said it :) Let’s let go of everything we thought 2020 might be. Let go of your festive expectations to avoid feeling disappointed, overwhelmed etc. Let go of the expectations you might have of 2021 being amazingly better than this year. Let go of all the expectations we had for this year that maybe were’t fulfilled?  Over time, Yoga teaches you how to manage this process (also known as ‘learning to give less shits’ - It’s marvellous.)

You can start with a slow, physical practice for letting go, here:

So, let me know if you’re planning to roll out your mat a bit more often over the holidays this year!

I hope you’ll join me for a practice at some point (festive flow announcement on it’s way next week!).