Ever felt like you’re a bit too…… Ya know…. “Normal” for `Yoga’?

Kinda like…. You know all the stretching and core work would be good for you, but also….. You can’t really get down with the hippy dippy stuff?

I get that.

If you’d have told me 8 years a go that I’d be teaching Yoga AND practicing daily myself, I would’ve told you that you’re mental.

(Probably in much less polite wording).


Enjoy Yoga?

No thanks mate.

I enjoy throwing weights around in the gym and sweating my ass off in a fitness class while I challenge my body.


It turns out that “normal” people can not only practice Yoga, but actually ENJOY it.

I got started with Youtube classes just to help ease the tightness in my hips and back that all the weight throwing around and fitness classes had caused.

Unsurprisingly, I started to feel a bit better.

After a couple of months of sporadic online classes, I finally got the balls to rock up to my first studio class, and guess what?…..

My teacher was NORMAL.

(Well, apart from her crazy-strong little body)

In fact, within the first month of joining her classes (yes, that’s right - multiple!), we had become good friends and even shared a night out on the tequila shots.

So, it seemed I could become a little more comfortable in my body, get stronger, do things with my physicality that I never thought would be possible, learn to actually breathe properly, sleep better, feel less anxious, AND…..

I didn’t have to be a hippy?

Sounds good, right?

When I decided to teach Yoga, I knew that I wanted to teach in a really similar way to my first teacher.

Yoga IS accessible to everyone, and I want everyone to understand the “why” behind the practice.

So if you join one of my classes, whether in the studio or in my virtual studio online, I promise I won’t go all hippy dippy on you.

I’ll explain things to you in a way you’ll find clear and easy to understand.

In fact, I’ll probably explain more than you even care about, because I think it’s important for you to know WHY I’m taking you through certain movements and exercises.

(and you can ALWAYS approach me after class if you’d like some more info)


Still not convinced you could do it?

Trust me.

If you have a body and you can breathe, you CAN practice Yoga.

If you’re interested in getting started and you’re not sure how, drop me a message back and let’s chat!

Your non-hippy, swear-y Yoga teacher,