Hi, I'm your Yoga Teacher, Leah!

I'm a certified Yoga Teacher and Life Coach, (and in my pre-Yoga life , I was a Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Advisor too).

So you could say I'm a teeny bit interested in Anatomy and Physiology....

As well as being really passionate about sharing Yoga with people who might not have thought they could be a Yogi....

I love eating and I love wine.

I’m very clumsy.

I swear too much, I lift weights, I love cooking (and eating).

I prefer the company of animals to humans.

Sometimes, I drink too much coffee.

My love affair with Yoga began around 7 years a go when EVERYTHING on my body started to ache, tighten and aggravate me to the point where even laying down was uncomfortable.

It seems that all of the years spent dance studio and gym weren't actually that good for me.

I discovered my interest for everything Yoga and mediation (and trust me, I was convinced I didn’t have any inner peace), while I was living Bahrain a few years a go, and subsequently booked a 200 hour Yoga teacher training course in India.

And yes, after alllllll of that incense burning, self discovery, hippy BS…. I STILL really, really like to drink wine.


I’m giving it my absolute ALL to spread the Yoga love, helping others to discover how beneficial a regular Yoga practice can be too.

Yoga isn't all about being 'Zen' and chanting "ommm" - NAH!

It's about tuning into YOU again, and understanding to FEEL what your body needs.

Yoga can help you to achieve:

- A better night's sleep

- Lowered stress levels

- A more comfortable posture

- A better balance of hormones

- More productivity

Sounds appealing, right?

Have you signed up for the "Feel Better in Five Days" challenge yet?


I hope I'll get to connect with you really soon!